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About the Book
About the Website
Access for physically and mentally challenged
Access for the Visually Challenged
Access, import ASCII or text file
Access, import Excel file
Accessibility, Designing Websites for
Adult Learning Thery
AHRQ (Agency for HeatlhCare and Quality
Alphabetizing a list
ANA Contributions to Standardized Nursing Terminologies
ANA Involvement in Standardized Terminologies
ANA Recognized Minimum Data Sets
ANA Recognized Standard Terminologies
Animation, Power Point
APA paper, checklist for formatting
APA paper, learning how to
APA, Sample Paper
APA, Template
Apps, Mobile computer, free
ASCII file, import to Access
Attach file, email
Auscultation Sounds
Automatic vs controlled cognitive processing
Avoiding Death by Power Point
Background for standardized terminologies
Bar Coding Medication Administration (BCMA)
BCMA (Bar coding medication administration)
Bibliographic Management Software
Books, online & free
Browser Helps#Other
Browser Reviews
Bullet points, presenting one at a time
Byte Prefixes (kilo to yottabyte)
Careers in Nursing Informatics
Cart Evaluation
CCHIT (Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology)
Certification in Nursing Informatics
Certification of EHR
Chain letters
Change wallpaper (desktop scene)
Change Theories
Chaos Theory
Charts in Power Point
Charts, Tutorial
Chronic Illness Care
Clinical Content Object Management (CCOW)
Clinical Decision Support
Cloud computing
Cognitive Science &Theory
Cognitive processing
Color, online use
Comparison of Various Types of Hardware for Point Of Care Nursing Documentation (Excel Spreadsheet)
Competencies, computer
Competencies, discussion of computer
Competencies, questions for learners (computer)
Competencies, self assessment (computer)
Competencies, Information Literacy
Computer Access for physically and mentally challenged
Computer Access for the Visually Challenged
Computer Accessibility
Computer Development Prior to 1950
Computer Freeze, recover from
Computer History
Computer monitors
Computer protection from electrical problems
Computer Terms definitions
Computer, using
Computerize Order Entry (CPOE) - article on Web site
Consumer Health
Context Managment
Continuity of care record (document) - CDD
Controlled versus automatic processing
Cookies (Web)
Copy a web address (URL)
Core Measures
CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry)
CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry) - links to references
Creating a Web Site
Creating flexible slide presentations
Critical Thinking
Cropping a picture
Data Security
Database vocabulary
Database vs. spreadsheet
Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal Equivalents
Definitions, nursing informatics
Deidentified Data
Design Flow charting
Designing Personal Health Records
Designing slides
Designing Spreadsheets
Designing Websites For Accessibility
Digital Immigrant or Digital Native
Digital Signatures
Disaster Planning
Disk care
Disk organization
Disk organization, how to
Domain names
Downloading Windows Live Essentials
Educational Programs, free
Electronic Bibliographic Search Tools
Electronic Medical/Healthcare Records
EHR Certification
Email "DOs"
Email and social engineering
Email, abbreviations
Email, attach file
Email, creating a signature
Email, etiquette
Embryological Model of Learning
Empowered Healthcare Consumer
Evaluating Web Information
Evaluation/Maintenance, systems
Evidence-Based Practice Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice
Examples of Nurse Created Web Sites
Excel File, import to Access
Excel for Statistics
Excel Pivot Table Tutorial
Fair Use
Federal Government Initiatives Bringing Healthcare to the Client
File & disk management
File encryption
File extensions
File extensions, making visible
File names
File, finding
File, renaming
File, save as different type
Finding Nursing Resources on the Web
Finding Reliable Health Information
Finding something on an open web page
Flash cookies
Flexible slide presentations, creating
Flow Charts, Designing
Font style or size, changing
Free Apps, Mobile
Free Nursing Oriented Journals
Free online journals
General computer tutorials
General Systems Theory
Grammar, check automatically in Word
Hacker Vocabulary
Hardware, Review
Headers, page
Healthcare Information Systems, History of
Health education materials, writing
Health Home
Health IT Standards Committee
Health Literacy
Health monitor, wearable
Health Numeracy
Health Summit, fall 2011 Videos of presentations
Healthcare Informatics Overview
Hibernate or sleep
HIPAA (Health Information Portability Accountability Act)
History computers & healthcare
History Taking, Learning
History, Internet
History, World Wide Web
Hospital Comparisons
Human Resource Management Systems
Implementation, systems
Import ASCII to Access
Import Excel file to Access
Import text file to Access
Indexing for Freely Available Online Journals
Infection control keyboards (projection and disinfectable)
Informatics in the Nursing Curriculum
Informatics Organizations
Informatics Overview
Informatics Theories
Information Literacy
Information Literacy Competency
Installing Technology in a Client's Home
Instructional Design
Interface or Reference Vocabulary?
Interface terminology
International Initiatives Towards Healthcare Data Standardization
Interoperability Vocabulary
Invisible Web
IP addresses
Journals, online & free (open access)
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts, Power Point
Knowles Andragogy Theory
Learning Management Systems
Left-handed mouse, changing to
Legal Issues In Interstate and Telehealth Practice
Line, spacing
List, sorting in word processor
Listser vs Email
Live Essentials, Windows
Maintenance and Problem Solving for PCs
Make Your Own Videos (Free ware)
Making It Look Good, spreadsheets
Manage Open Files on Screen
Margins, changing
Math for Nurses
Meaningful Use
Medical Home
Medical Informatics Research
Medication Reconciliation
Minimum Data Sets, ANA recognized
Miscellaneous (Some other sources of freely available articles.)
Miscellaneous Free Educational Resources
Mobile Cart Evaluation
Mobile e-Health Applications
Mobile Technology Tool Analysis
Mobile Technology Devices, Review
Mouse, using
National Health Information Network (NHIN)
Normalization of Data
Nurse Created Web Sites (Examples)
Nursing Curriculum, Informatics in
Nursing Informatics AMIA History project
Nursing Informatics Programs: What to Look For
Nursing Informatics, roles
Nursing Informatics, Careers
Nursing Informatics, Definitions
Nursing Resources, Finding on Web
Nursing, value of
Online Learning
Online Learning OK for You?
Online Surveys
Open Access Journals, Articles, & Books
Open source software
Page headers, creating
Page, centering vertically
Page Orientation
Page, keeping text on same page
Page, new forcing
Paint (windows accessory)
Paragraph, hanging
Patient Classification Systems
Patient Education
Patient Risks and Liability
PDAs  in Clinical Areas
PDAs in Nursing School
PDAs in Research
Personal Health Record, Designing
Personal Health Records, Barriers to
Phishing (description)
Phishing, Spear
PHR, Designing
Physical Exams, Learning
Picture, cropping
Picture, resizing
Pivot Table Tutorial
Pivot tables and charts
Planning an effective presentation
Planning Systems
Positive Patient Identifier
Poster Creation
Power Point as lecture supplement or replacement
Power Point, Keyboard Shortcuts
Power Point, Tutorials
Predatory Publishers
Printing a Spreadsheet
Process Improvement
Process Interoperability
Programming statement, example
Progressive disclosure
Public Health Information Network
Publication Help
Puzzle Makers
Qualitative Research Resources
Quiz Makers
Readability, checking a Word document
Recording sound to use in a presentation
Recover from a Computer Freeze
Recycling old computers
Reference manager, what is and why use
Reference or Interface Terminology
Regional Extension Center
Reimbursement, Telehealth
Rename a File
Reporting scams
Research Tips
Resizing a picture
Responding to a call purportedly from a vendor
Review of Hardware
Reviews of Mobile Technology Devices
RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier)
ROI (Return on Investment)
Roles in Nursing Informatics
RTF File
Safe computing
Safe Mode
Sample Paper, APA
Scams and other Internet harassment
Scams, reporting
Scanners - Wireless vs. Tethered
Scholarly paper, formatting style
Scholarly paper, learning how to
Screen capture programs (non-Windows)
Screen capture programs, Windows Accessory
Search tools
Searching the Web Tutorial
Searching within an open web page
Searching, in a word processor
Second Life
Secondary Data Use
Security audit
Security software that isn't
Selecting a Vendor
Semantic Interoperability
Semantic Interoperability
Showing bullet points one at a time
Signature, creating for email
Slides, Designing in Power Point
Slide transitions
Smart Cards
Smart Phones
Social Engineering (the art of conning you to part with protected knowledge)
Social Networking
Social Networking, Healthcare Facility
Social Networking, Professional Cautions
Social Networking, Viruses
Sorting, list in word processor
Sound, recording
Sound, using in Power Point
Spacing, in a paper
Spear Phishing
Specialized Search Tools
Speech to text and vice versa
Speed, Test  of your Internet Connection
Spell check automatically in Word
Spreadsheet or Databases
Spreadsheet vocabulary
Spreadsheet vs. database
Spreadsheet, Designing
Spreadsheet, Printing
Spreadsheet, making it look good
Spreadsheet, vocabulary
Standardized Nursing terminologies, ANA recognized
Standardized Terminologies, ANA Recognized
Standardized Terminology Articles
Standardized terminology vocabulary
Standards Organizations
Stark Rules
Statistics Calculators
Statistics Tutorial
Systems Life Cycle Project Planning
Technical Interopearability
Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform (TIGER)
Telehome Care
Templates, Statistics
Text File, import to Access
Text to speech and vice versa
The Revealing of Nursing Informatics: Exploring the Field
Title page, creating for APA
Track Changes
Transitions, slides
Tutorial, Charts
Tutorial, searching the Web
Tutorial, Statistics
Tutorial, WWW for nurses
Tutorials Excel Pivot Table
Tutorials for power point
Tutorials, general computer
U.S. Efforts towards Healthcare Data Standardization
Unintended Consequences
Unique Patient Identifiers
Usability,  web pages
Usability, cognitive issues
Usability, Informatics
User groups
Using Clinical Data
Value of Nursing
Vendor, Selecting
Videos of Presentations from the Fall 2011 Health Summit
Virtual Reality
Vocabulary standardized terminologies
Vocabulary, database
Vocabulary, hacker
Vocabulary, Interoperability
Vocabulary, spreadsheet
Voice conversion software
Wearable Health Monitors
Web Safety
Web Search Strategies
Web Site Creation
What to Look For in a Nursing Informatics Program
Windows Live Essentials, Downloading
Wireless networks, healthcare agencies
Word, idiosyncrasies
Workflow, Analysis
Workflow, Redesign
Writing health educational materials
Writing Help
WWW, for nurses (tutorial)
WWW, using (tutorial)


Created February 12, 2012

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