Chapter 24
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Informatics and Research

Author Additions to Chapter 24

Applications and Competencies

Websites That Expand on Chapter 24's Knowledge


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Excel for Statistics

Problems With Using Microsoft Excel for Statistics. The author, Jonathan D. Cryer, maintains that most of the charts offered in Excel should never be used because they distort data.

Medical Informatics Research

A web-based inventory of print journal evaluation studies in medical informatics 1982 - 2005.

Castro, Daniel (2009). The Role of Information Technology in Medical Research. Article that discusses the need to modernize our healthcare system so that health informatics will permit healthcare research like that possible in the UK. (Added October 24,2009)

Online Surveys

The User Experience (UX) Of Rating Things. Before deciding on the best way to ask questions, read this blog.

Best practices for survey design.

Tips to enhance survey respondent rate.

Wright, K. B. (2005). "Researching Internet-based populations: Advantages and disadvantages of online survey research, online questionnaire authoring software packages, and web survey services." Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 10(3 (Article 11)).

Kaczmirek, Lars (2004). A thorough discussion and checklist for online surveys and software is available in this pdf document. The typeface is somewhat faint.

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Predatory Publishers

A check list to be certain that you are submitting an article to a reputable journal.

A list of journal editorials about predatory publishing, all of which are open access.

Qualitative Resources

Individual Papers, Collections of Papers, Posters, and Abstracts from the Qualitative Report.

What is Qualitative Research? A down to earth description.

Ospina, Sonia. Qualitative Research. A more thorough, scholarly description of qualitative research.

Research Tips

Business Research Lab. Although maintained by a commercial organization,this site provides helpful hints on some aspects of research. Links to many different aspects of research including sample size, how long a questionnaire should be and the science of sampling.


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Online Statistics Book

Pitfalls of Data Analysis (or How to Avoid Lies and Damned Lies). A down to earth explanation of statistics.

Free statistical software for many different types of statistics. You will find it helpful to read the reviews before downloading, some may require more computer sophistication than you wish to employ. (Added November 12, 2009)

Statistics Calculators

CUErgo Statistics Helper. Has information to help you decide on an appropriate statistical test for your design as well as an online statistical program available free.

You enter data and the tool here calculates different types of stats. Also has tutorials about each type.

Statistics calculators

Statistics Tutorial

Statistics tutorial from University of Michigan School of Nursing at (requires the latest Flash reader which is available at

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Cpk Info. A collection of freely downloadable Excel templates for Scatter Plots, Stratification Diagrams, Pareto Charts, Gantt Charts, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Histograms, Fish Bone Diagrams, Design of Experiments, Control Charts, Box Plots, and Flow Charts. (Added December 7, 2009)

Writing the Research Paper

Hamid, S. Writing a Research Paper. An excellent resource that starts by describing the process, provides information on the types of research papers, hints for understanding the assignment and many, many more. Helpful to first timers as well as experienced writers!

Avoiding Predatory Publishers. A list of things to check to be certain that you are not submitting to a spurious journal.


Applications and Competencies

Search for research findings at the AHRQ located at
a. Find a fact sheet regarding the health of minority women in the United States and
summarize the findings.

b. Look for research synthesis on hospital nurse staffing and quality of care. Summarize the main findings.

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Websites from the Text in Chapter 24

Comparison of analysis capabilities of free statistical programs is available at

Statsoft at

Online statistics: An interactive multimedia course of study at

Rice virtual lab in statistics at

Research methods knowledge base at

National Library of Medicine: National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology at

DataFerrett, a browser designed by the federal government

Research, statistics, data, and systems

NINR - clinical topics

Monthly summaries of research are made available at

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (CDC)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Department of Health and Human Services Gateway to Data and Statistics (No longer available at this URL)



Health Insurance Information from the Census Bureau (No longer available at this URL)Instead located at Also

Health Resources and Services Administration Geospatial Data Warehouse

Healthy People 2010

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

National Cancer Institute

National Center for Health Statistics

National Program of Cancer Registries

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: National Outcome Measures (No longer available at this URL)Instead go to

National Vital Statistics Survey

Web-Based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System

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Websites from the Reference List in Chapter 24

Chen, T. (2003). The history of statistical thinking in medicine. In Y. Lu & J.-Q. Fang (Eds.), Advanced medical statistics. World Scientific. Retrieved March 13, 2007, from

Fitzpatrick, M. (2006). Using data to drive performance improvement in hospitals. Health Management Technology, 27(12), 10–16. Retrieved December 16, 2010, from

Fox, S., & Jones, S. (2009). The social life of health information. Retrieved December 16, 2010, from

Pew Research Center. (2006). Maturing Internet news audience – Broader than deep. Retrieved March 13, 2008, from

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