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Presentation Software: Looking Professional in the Spotlight

Author Additions to Chapter 7

Applications and Comptencies


Websites That Expand on Chapter 7's Knowledge


Avoiding Death by Power Point

Paradi, Dave. How to Avoid "Death by Power Point:" Solving the Five Most Common Problems With Power Point Presentations. If you've ever sat through some deadly Power Point presentations you may want to avoid giving one.

Wasu, Shalu (2008). Avoiding Death by Power Point. This author tells you to use your common sense and provides some ideas for providing your own rules for a presentation. (Added September 26, 2009)

Wasu, Shalu (2009). Power Point is My Slave. By the same author as above, this site has many helpful hints for making or creating a Power Point show easier as well as good tips for using these slides in a presentation.

Wonderful page about how to use Power Point to really teach. Don't plan another Power Point project without visiting this page!


Charts in Power Point

Bradley, Helen (2008, Nov 26). Create Eye Catching Charts in Power Point 2007.

For a more thorough discussion of charts see page 145 in the Text.

For more help in creating charts see Charts in Chapter 8

Using Excel charts for statistics

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Clip Art

Best clip art for Power Point is available at Microsoft. These are royalty free.

This site has free clip art for use. They may require you to provide a link to this site if you use the clip art.

Royalty free photos. An enormous collection of photos in many categories.

Clip art can be found in the images section for many search tools. If you look at choices you often will see a selection for images. These may or may not be royalty free. Be sure to check! And only use a graphic if it adds understanding to the slide!


Color, Online Use

Priester, G. W. (2000). All You Need to Know About Web Safe Colors. The title of this page might more accurately read, more than you need to know. You can skim parts, but parts may be helpful.

This site presents good information about the use of color. You might call it "everything you wanted to know about color and then some." Is fun and informative. See the left hand column for links to interesting items.

Hexadecimal Color Codes. Also contains a list of Web Safe colors and their codes.

Paradi, Dave. Choosing Colors for Your Presentation Slides. Some sound information about the use of color in slides.

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Designing Slides

A 20 minute presentation both visual and audio by the Kaiser Family Foundation that addresses designing Power Point Slides and the use of numerical graphs. You may want to use Ctrl and the Plus key (+) to enlarge the slides and make them more legible! You can click to any slide at any time. This presentation advises a dark background, although this may work in a dark room, it is not as effective in a light room. Ask yourself if these slides would not be more legible if the background was light and the text dark.

Halverson, Margo. Hierarchy And Contrast: The Basis of Good Design. The basis for every design decision.

Free download that can convert Power Point® slides to Flash files. Power Point Lite http://www.authorgen.com/authorpoint-lite-free/powerpoint-to-flash-converter.aspx

Different Type of Presentation

Ever wanted to design a presentation that did not rely on the usual fixed presentation. This product, which you must register to us, will allow presentations that navigate from a single page, moving around and zooming from one topic to another. Could be very useful for standalone online presentations. The free version allows you to create such presentations online, while there are also fee products. Has a tutorial on site.

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Planning an Effective Presentation

Presentation Planning. Using a logic tree to organize the presentation.

Ten Commandments of Client Presentations. Translate this into any situation in which you are trying to persuade someone who will be making a decision. This includes learners who will decide whether to learn or not!

Excellent slide presentation teaching how to prepare for a presentation using slides.

Three elements of communication - and the "7%-38%-55% Rule. Albert Merhabian.


Poster Creation

The main points of both of these helpful Websites is to make a poster as visual as possible. Participants at a conference have a limited time to look. You can always use handouts to convey more detail. The KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) works well here. You want to catch the interest of folks, not present a lengthy treatise!

Creating Effective Poster Presentations. Some excellent hints.

Design of Scientific Posters. Information can be translated to nursing.


Recording and editing sounds

Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

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Screen Capture Programs

NOTE: Windows has an excellent free screen capture program, Snip It, available from Microsoft with Live Essentials. The "snip" can be easily pasted and edited with any graphics program.

How To Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS X.

This blog by Roland Cabral links to five screen capture programs, some of which will capture video. Includes Cam Studio (free, asks for donations), Screen Cast O'Matic (requires a plug-in), Avi-Screen Classic 1.3 (free TRIAL), Wink (free ware), and Jing (Free version). Have not personally used any of these.

Cam Studio, Free Streaming Video Software. Is free, but they ask for donations; a reasonable request.


Tutorials for Power Point

25 PowerPoint™ Tips by Jolene M. Morris. Some excellent tips for making your life easier with Power Point.

A series of online tutorials developed by Jeff Radel at the School of Allied Health at Kansas University. Very helpful information.

Power Point 2010

Power Point 2007
http://presentationsoft.about.com/od/powerpoint2007/a/07beginguide.htm and


Power Point 2003


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Applications and Comptencies

Number 1: Slides are at http://www.norvig.com/Gettysburg/index.htm for the actual Power Point Slide Show go to www.norvig.com/Gettysburg/Gettysburg.ppt. To see the actual Gettysburg address go to http://showcase.netins.net/web/creative/lincoln/speeches/gettysburg.htm

Websites from the Text in Chapter 7

Slide (How To's) http://dlthede.net/Informatics/Chap07Present/chap7.html

Micropoll http://www.micropoll.com/

Poll Daddy http://www.polldaddy.com/

Poll Everywhere http://www.polleverywhere.com/

Toluna http://www.toluna.com/

Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Sound File Formats explained

Power Point Viewers for different versions http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=048dc840-14e1-467d-8dca-19d2a8fd7485&displaylang=en


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Websites from the Reference List in Chapter 7

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Paradi, D. (2009). Choosing colors for your presentation slides. Retrieved April 8, 2010, from http://www.indezine.com/ideas/prescolors.html

Prost, J. (n.d.). 8 Mistakes made when presenting with PowerPoint® and how to correct them. Retrieved April 8, 2010, from http://www.frippandassociates.com/

Stop Motion Works. (2008). Frequently asked questions. Retrieved June 19, 2010, from http://www.stopmotionworks.com/faq.htm

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