Chapter 2
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Websites that Expand on Chapter 2 Knowledge


Computer Terms Definitions

Maintained by Webopedia, this site gives a good definition of the types of software including malware. Informative site.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing from Wikipedia. This section has links to other parts of Wikipedia with more information.

Bott, Ed (April 12, 2012). Your data, your rights: how fair are online storage services? If you are considering using cloud computing, this is a must read!



Information on groupware.

Choosing web conferencing software.

Survey of Online Meeting Tools.

Williams, J. P. (2003, April 22). Groupware: Shared Thoughts, Shared Media, and Shared Models. A white paper from the School of Information at the University of Texas.

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Open Source Software

All About Open Source. An excellent overall article about open source from the "Did You Know" reference section at Webopedia.

Open Source Nursing Informatics (OSNI) Working Group of IMIA-NI. Much information about nursing activities and sources for open source software.

What is Open Source Software? Provides information about open source software, the basics behind the Open Source Initiative (OSI), and Free Software Licensing.

Wong, K., & Sayo, P. (2004). Free/open source Software: A general introduction. A 61 page source of everything you wanted to know about open source software including what it is, its history, benefits and shortcomings and examples of its use.



Goodwill Community Federation (GCF). Although one has to register for an account to use this site, the registration is free. Once registered, you can select from any number of learning topics. Suggest the Computer and Online Classes for help with using the computer, Internet, Mirosoft Office, Open Office, or even Facebook.

Links for help with many assorted programs including Office 2003 and 2007, developed by University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Invaluable!

User groups

User groups. Web site for the Association of Personal Computer User Groups. Useful for finding a user group near you.

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Speech to text and ice versa

Speech Recognition. A good description of this topic is found here.

Reviews of Voice Recognition Software


Websites from the text in Chapter 2

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Websites from the reference list Chapter 2

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