Chapter 6
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What's so Hard about Creating an APA Paper?

Although a great deal of attention is given to the style used in references, and students spend a fortune on purchasing templates for a given style, in reality that is not where the most attention should be given. The formatting of references is just cookbook stuff which you are smart enough to easily learn.

The real difficulties are

  1. Learning to use headings in the text that act as a title to the overall subtopic of the paper that follows
  2. Using citations and references (Appropriate citation and referencing.
  3. Being somewhat formal in writing


No template can help with these. But you can easily learn how to do these by reading a few nursing journal articles and asking yourself these questions.


Editing the paper

The beauty of a word processor is that it allows editing. In the days of a typewriter, editing required retyping and was a very painful process.

Unless you are a skilled,experienced professional writer, your paper needs a thorough edit. Preferably a thorough edit after you think you are finished and then 3 to 7 days later when you have forgotten what you thought you wrote. (Most professionals edit!)

Critique the paper asking the following?


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