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ASCII Chart. Every keyboard character is invoked with a number from this chart.


Basics: What every battery owner should know. (2005). When you buy a computer or camera there is very little, if any, information in the manual on how to get the most from your battery. Use this site!

How to Prolong theLife of a Lithium-ion battery (2005). Not all batteries are Lithium-ion, so be sure to check the type. Nickel based batteries require different treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries. More good information about these batteries.

Memory: myth or fact? (2005) Information on Nickel Cadmium (nicads) and nickel-metal-hydride batteries which may or may not be in a laptop.

Batterystuff. A tutorial on all kinds of batteries.

Wikipedia on batteries. A very thorough explanation including estimates of length of discharge and life expectancy of various types.

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Computer Monitors

How Stuff Works:Computer Monitors. Excellent description of the various types, resolutions, and aspect ratio of different monitors writen in easy to understand language.

Choosing a Monitor. Explanations of the various types and sizes together with their uses.

Computer Protection from Electrical Problems

Protect your computer from electrical problems. Despite being 10 years old the information at this site is still very valid today. Explains problems and their affect on your computer.

Disk Care

Care of optical disks. This site provides good information on the care of optical disks. It also offers some information about the disks.

NIST Special Publication 500-252. Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs —A Guide for Librarians and Archivists, but pertains to anyone who wishes to keep their CDs and DVDs in good condition. A very thorough guide from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Infection Control

Neely, A. N. and D. F. Sittig (2002). "Basic Microbiologic and Infection Control Information to Reduce the Potential Transmission of Pathogens to Patients via Computer Hardware [Electronic Version at http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=346637]. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 9(5): 500-508.

Rutala, W. A., M. S. White, et al. (2006). Bacterial contamination of keyboards: efficacy and functional impact of disinfectants [Electronic Version athttp://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/full/10.1086/503340?prevSearch=
]. Infection Control Hosptial Epidemiology 27(4): 372-7.

Wike, G. (2008, November 6). Far-UV Light Disinfection of Hospital Computer Keyboards. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/articles/far-uv-light-disinfection.html.


Use a search tool to search for "sterilizable keyboards." Check prices in several places.

Projection (Virtual) Keyboards

Projection keyboard. (2011). A thorough discussion of these.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone. Requires Bluetooth connectivity.

Disinfectable Keyboards

Man and Machine, Inc. This company makes disinfectable keyboards. The keyboardscan be cleaned with alcohol, 10% bleach solution and other disinfectants and of course soap and water.

Unotron Keyboards. "Washable keyboards from Unotron are just that: washable. More than just a damp cloth across the surface of the keys, Unotron keyboards can withstand being run under a faucet. They are the first mass market PC keyboards certified washable to international IP66 and NEMA4X standards."

Maintenance and Problem Solving for PCs

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your PC from Webopedia. Discusses environmental problems, operating system and data maintenance, hardware and data maintenance, software maintenance and anti-virus programs.

Common Windows PC Issues: Tips to Diagnose and fix a slow running computer (2008). From Webopedia, this site offers some excellent suggestions and help.

Task Manager Overview. Task manager is a Windows program that keeps information about the processes running on your computer. It allows you to monitor activities and can provide help when there is a problem. One use is to recover from a freeze
(See Recover from a Freeze) .

Keeping your laptop in great working condition. Make Sure the Problem Is Not in Your Chair by Kate Murphy Sept 2011.

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A Webopedia site that describes some of the memory types that you see in today's computers.

The History of Computer Storage Innovation from 1928 to Today. This site starts with memory discoveries in the 1920s and progresses to today. You will be suprised to see the time lag between the discovery and the actual use of various types of memory.


Wikipedia about Printers.

Cost comparison between ink jet and laser printers.

Reviews of Hardware

Review of laptops.

Review of monitors.


Websites from the text Appendix A

http://www.computerhistory. org/chess/index.php


http://www. howstuffworks.com/battery.htm


http://videos.howstuffworks. com/howstuffworks/23-computertour- video.htm

http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=ETsfylK7kzM

http://www. jegsworks.com/Lessons/lesson6/lesson6–9.htm

Websites from the reference list in Appendix A

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Created November 6, 2011

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