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NOTE: If you are using Chrome, there are some sites that it balks at opening - particularly non-html files. If that happens, copy the Web address and use another browser.

When one of the best sources of information is from Wikipedia it is used. When there are no notes at the top of a Wikipedia page indicating either the need for references or editing, the page has been vetted by other experts and is a reliable source of information.

On this Website you will find items to make it easier to use the textbook Informatics and Nursing. The navigation bar at the top of the page for each chapter allows:

Links to all the Web addresses in the Text will be found under Websites from this Chapter:

From the Text - those embedded in the chapter itself. We change them if they are inaccurate and we can find the new one.

From the Reference List - The references that have Web addresses. When we find changes, we will make them on the Web.

Under Information to Supplement the Text

Author Supplements - additional information that the authors did not have room for in the book (Information to Supplement the Text). There are some How-tos for some of the basic chapters including What's so Hard about Creating an APA paper? and a checklist to be sure that you have included everything needed. This area includes links to any required downloads for the Applications and Competenies Section.

Websites that expand on the knowledge in the text - Links to websites with m more information about the topics in the text. The chapter logo for each author supplement page links to the chapter for which it was developed.

A glossary - for words you may not completely understand, or acronyms that are unclear. It is divided into 4 different pages. If you open the glossary, select the letter that starts the word or acronym that you are interested in understanding and click.

An index - many of the topics are pertinent to more than one chapter. Attempts have been made to make those links under websites that expand on the knowledge, but to make sure that you can find what you need, use the index. To find a specific item, either browse the list or use the universal search command (Ctrl+F in PCs and Cmd+F in Macs) to locate the subject in which you are interested.

From the Home page you can access a page with corrections to the printed text, and a page that will include new additions to the Website. Corrections for Web addresses are in that chapter's page.

At the botton of each page is a link to mail the creator of this Web page if you find errors.




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