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This is the fourth edition of Informatics and Nursing. In it we have tried to present the core informatics competencies that every nurse needs to practice in the electronic age. Like each new edition we have strived to present cutting edge advancements in nursing informatics while keeping the best of the prior edition. We have also added more information on topics that have evolved to a greater importance than when the last edition was published such as meaningful use and mobile computing.

The book would be useful in a separate introductory class for informatics, as a text when informatics is integrated into the curriculum, and for practicing nurses who want to feel more comfortable in this new world. We have tried to make the information not only informative, but also interesting to you, the reader, who is living in this world.

Our aim is to provide practical, up-to-date information that you as a nurse or nursing student, can use to improve his or her practice. The book provides information that can provide, you, our reader with information to facilitate reaching competency in the three main informatics areas articulated by the TIGER consortium: basic computer comptency, information literacy, and information management. The complete report can be found at

Because the information in this field changes rapidly, and there are limits to a printed book, we have created this Web site to keep our readers up to date before the fifth edition becomes necessary.

Your authors, Jeanne P. Sewell, RN, MSN, RN=BC and Linda Q. Thede, PhD, RN-BC

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Created December 2, 2011

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