Chapter 3
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Changing Mouse to a Left Handed Mouse

Like so many things in a right hand dominant world, mice are designed for a right handed person. Smile lefties, it is possible to change the mouse so that a left handed person can more easily use it. After this is done, when following directions for a program, a left click would really be a right click and vice versa, thus instructions to "Click" mean use the right mouse button while "Right Click" means use the left mouse button. The objective is to make the most common click the one activated with the index finger.

Windows 7

Mouse Properties

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Windows Vista

  1. Click the Start Button>Personalization
  2. Mouse Pointers>Buttons
  3. Left Handed
  4. OK

Windows XP (2002)

  1. On the bar on the bottom of the screen click on Start/Control Panel/Mouse.
  2. If the tab labeled buttons is not active, click it.
  3. Click OK. NOTE: If you have a Logitech mouse how you check the items may be a little different, but the first two steps and last step will be the same.


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Created October 21, 2011

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