Linda Q Thede, PhD


Lippincott, WIlliams & WIlkins
Phildadelphia, PA
2005 - 2015+
Editor, CIN Plus
CIN Plus is a 12 page insert published with CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing three times a year and is a venue for "how-to" articles and perspectives on nursing informatics that are non-research based.
Excelsior College
Albany, NY
2002 - 2005
Course Facilitator

Taught the asynchronous distance education graduate class in database design and creation. Designed the course.

Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI
2003 - 2003
Adjunct Professor

Taught Healthcare Informatics to graduate students. Was a combination of distance education and on site teaching. Course is only offered every two years.

Thomas Edison State University
Trenton, NJ
2002 - 2004 >Mentor

Taught nursing informatics to RN to BSN students in an online format. Evaluated new course.

St. Joseph's College
Standish ME
Adjunct Professor
Taught graduate nursing informatics (use of computers in nursing) that is all accomplished via email. Redesigned the course to improve learning and created web pages for reference purposes and to provide instructions in procedures helpful to students.
Kent State University
Kent, OH
1987 - 1998
Assistant Professor
1990 - 1997
Learning Resource Director
Acted as the "help desk" for students and faculty using computer programs and online resources. Wrote explicit directions for the software used. Initiated and taught the Computers in Nursing Course, a course that many graduate students felt was the best course they took. Computerized the resources in the Learning Resource Center to make it possible to find items. Was the production editor for the OJIN: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (, and developed the user interface to take advantage of the unique aspects of the web. Taught Human Growth & Development, a very large required lecture class and received higher than average evaluations; many students would tell me that it was their favorite class. 
Lakeland Community College
Mentor, OH
1986 - 1989
Initiated computers into the Nursing Department. In this role I facilitated faculty learning with classes, hands-on help, and written directions. Started an elective class in computers and mentored another teacher. Using Camelot," a program from Dade County Community College, I worked with the faculty to develop and computerize a method for grading papers that decreased the grading variability between instructors and provided detailed feedback to students.
Bronson School of Nursing
Kalamazoo, MI
1982 - 1986
Wrote CAI to assist students in learning math for pharmacology. Started the first computer lab there and assisted faculty and students in using computers. Was part of the team teaching the Introductory Nursing Course, including clinical experience 
Nazareth College
Kalamazoo MI
1981 - 1982
Taught the outpatient portion of the Maternity Nursing Course. Designed a learning module to prepare students for this experience. 
>Bronson Hospital
Kalamazoo MI
1980 - 1981
Staff Nurse - Labor & Delivery
Worked with obstetrical patients in labor rooms, delivery rooms, recovery and cesarean section operating room. Received many written thank-you notes from patients. Was a part of the procedure committee and rewrote several procedures. Created a picture & text learning module to assist new orientees in learning how to open the delivery room. 
Moved to another city, student in Master's Program 
1977 - 1979
Delta College
Saginaw MI
Instructor- Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology
Developed a programmed learning book for students in this course to assist them in learning this topic. 
Parent Education Program
Saginaw MI
Executive Director and Lamaze Instructor
Founded this organization to provide childbirth education to couples in a non-threatening environment. Worked with health care institutions to allow fathers in the delivery room. This organization still exists. 
1965 - 1971

Butterworth Hospital
Grand Rapids MI

Developed and taught a course that was a forerunner of primary care nursing. Called "Synergistic Nursing," this course allowed students to work with a patient from admission to discharge, seeing the full picture of hospitalization from a patient's point of view. 
Kent County Health Department
Grand Rapids, MI
1961 - 1964
Staff Nurse
In this combined health department and VNA, worked as a home health nurse and public health nurse. In this capacity I cared for home patients, provided health education in homes and clinics and was a school nurse. I gained acceptance by a high school that had never before used the health department services, despite the fact that the health department was responsible for serving that school for 20 years.